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"The measure of success in the Art-Punk music scene is not in dollars & cents, but in longevity."

Love & Peace Are Our Weapons

Tunnelmental started out in England during the eighties. While there have been a few stops and starts along the way, founding member Nigel has continued the boundary pushing ethos that served as the impetus for its initial formation and has continued writing and recording under variations of the Tunnelmental moniker and line-up.

In the summer of 2010 Nigel decided it was time for a reboot. He had a new vision for tunnelmental that would focus on songwriting and high-quality production.

To that end he enlisted friend and former band mate Derek Pippert, whose beat making, and production skills had become fully refined through years of working on music editing and audio for films. Born from this collaboration was a new style of music blending the spirit of punk activism with the sounds and pulse of electronic music - “Punktronica” Here are some highlights...

Electronic Dance Music with a conscience. What we need now and in the future.
Joe R | Fan

home-office-569359_640 Summer 2018 to Summer 2019. Tunnelmental release a single a month for 12 months, each single had a music film, edited by Nigel. One of these songs “We Can” features Nigel’s daughter Joy on vocals. Collaborations with guest vocalists and musicians are proving very interesting and fruitful. A special 17 track album entitled “a few are souls” is being scheduled for release. 2019/2020 Derek and Nigel are working with a plan to continue more recording and are focusing on Film and TV placements. Releasing more singles with guest vocalists and musicians.

They are also considering composing and scoring for film. The adventure continues.

2018. Derek and Nigel continued to write, record and release singles, in May 2018 they released the album, “shooting from the lip” garnering a brilliant review in “Louder Than War” magazine who summed it up by saying, “Tunnelmental here are creating a music of their own.” Adding “Nigel and Derek have brought these influences up to date and re-contextualized the past 30 years of listening and playing music to showcase their own vision of now.”

2017 Got off to a great start with new releases by Tunnelmental, The singles “Awake Me” and “Barely Holding On” had music films and remixes that all had critical acclaim. May, 2017- “Waiting here for you” was released. A British underground Magazine said this about the album, “It’s the kind of album that you would love to see go to number one if the masses appreciated its genius.”

During 2016 Tunnelmental remixed tracks for several artists including the Membranes, Everything Everything, Doghouse, and Flesh Eating Foundation. They also recorded material for a new album, some singles and continued to push forward.

Instrumentals Available For Purchase

Track Listing:
01. Falling Up | 02. We Can | 03. Friction Burns | 04. Halo | 05. The Strangers Voice | 06. Own This | 07. Middle | 08. Peace is the Path | 09. Try to Understand | 10. Packet of Crisps | 11. Can I Be Mankind | 12. Artificial Intelligence | 13. We Can ft Joy (Vocal Version)

December, 2015 - Tunnelmental release a brand new version of Advertising Junky (it’s a trap). A video of Nigel and Derek in their “Orange Groove Studios” was shot by Mitch.

September, 2015 - The single “sting” is released with lots of brilliant remixes. “sting” remixes are deemed dancehall “bangers”.

Summer, 2015 - Tunnelmental remixes were featured in many dance charts.

June, 2015 - “shite” a single is released, with a music film directed by James Mitchell Steele. Studio remixes of the single get into the billboard dance charts.

May, 2015 - Derek and Nigel do a brief but brilliant tour of the UK playing some clubs and a festival.

Spring, 2014 - Tunnelmental performs a live set of at one of London’s oldest dance clubs with UK collaborators, Doghouse and Anarchistwood. The show was captured on video by a local team of film students and directed by Barry Gross. The resulting film, Moments of Bliss, edited by James Mitchell Steele, was released for free online.

September, 2013 - “T.E.A. Dance Vol. 1.” was self released digitally, further cementing the direction and partnership of writing and recording between Derek and Nigel.

Summer, 2013 - Tunnelmental remixed the single Don’t Try by UK band Everything, Everything. Tunnelmental returned to the UK and played at Alchemy Festival and also at Emergency Festival UK in London’s East End.

July, 2012 - Single for Trial (rotten mix) was digitally released with a music film edited by Tony Valimaki from footage by artist Ravi Zupo.

Summer, 2012 - Tunnelmental played 2 East London Festivals.

Spring, 2012 - Derek Pippert started work on their state of the art studio (Orange Groove Studios) in Pasadena, California. Nigel and Derek began writing and recording material for “T.E.A. Dance Vol. 1.” While Derek continued production of the project in Pasadena, Nigel travelled back to London to set up some live shows. Working together in London and Los Angeles gave Tunnelmental a fresh approach on how to shape their new album of Intelligent Dance Music.

January 2012 - The single Border Station was released with a music film directed by Lawrence Dolkart.

October 2011 - The album Say Unity was released with great critical acclaim.

January 2011 - Single for Defending the Dreamers was released with additional remixes by Radio Riddler and Dekvanhype.



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